Twitter Updates for 2012-09-24

UPenn Gangnam Style Flash Mob: # Brilliant idea by Josh. RT @joshk: Excited to announce the launch of our first @DormRoomFund – # MT @JRosenworcel: Spectrum demand: must think beyond phones, tablets; 50 billion machine-to-machine devices expected within a decade. # Time's @harrymccracken reports on #gamification12 "The course may be free and short, but it’s also meaty." # Thanks to everyone who has posted #gamification12pics Keep 'em ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-23

@misentoscossa My gamification book, For the Win, will be available on all major ebook platforms plus paperback staring Oct 30. # I know #gamification12 & other Coursera courses aren't loading (at least for some people). Will update when I have more info. # #gamification12 students: Sorry, I don't control the Coursera platform. Quiz deadline will be extended if there is extended downtime. # @justin_bevan My #gamification12 videos are made with ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-22

Attending TPRC, the major annual conference for telecom policy geeks. Or as I like to say, hangin' with my homies gangnam style. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-21

Proofreading the cover for my gamification book, #ForTheWin Will be available for pre-order soon & release October 30! # @konr My gamification book #ForTheWin is *only* digital (ebook or print-on-demand paperback from Amazon). Times are changing! # MT @irishgirl @dspiegelCNN: @coursera #gamification12 folks, CNN story airs Saturday btwn 9:30a-10a, 12p-1p and 5p-6p. All times Eastern. # I'll be there 2morrow! RT @jwwtlrm: #tprc off & running @ GMU Law w ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-20

Congrats! RT @HLMorgan: Philadelphia – a great place for startups so @Firstround has moved into town. # How big is Foursquare? MT @dens: 25m users, 1m merchants, 5m checkins/day, 2.5b checkins total #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-19

Any celebrities in #gamification12 MT @juliastiglitz: Senator Dick Durbin is taking the Penn @coursera #ModPo class! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-18

@gitta Thanks. @amyjokim is one of the pioneers in this world. I and many other experts have benefitted from her insights. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-17

Awesome mindmaps of my #gamification12 course by Miguel Scordamaglia: & Pavlos Delias: # Update: 77K students signed up for #gamification12 43K have watched lectures online. 13K submitted 1st written assignment; 11K did the 2nd. # From what I've seen, participation %s for #gamification12 are higher than most of the similar xMOOCs. Not making judgments on what they mean #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-15

@sri_watts Yes, @adamwerbach is my extraordinary brother. Every few years our work intersects. Starting to happen again now. # Sad but true. MT @jeffjarvis: Just as newspapers reduce frequency, univs will reduce departments, a la Emory: # @jeffjarvis Based on seeing newspapers fail to change ahead of the looming digital storm, what do you think universities should do today? # @seerichards Yes, @jseelybrown is an absolute visionary, who I'm ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-14

#gamification12 students: Quiz 3 is fixed & missing scores should be restored. See announcement on the course page for details. # "At this moment we are trying to reset our locomotive." #thingsyoudon #039;twanttohearfromatrainconductor #