For the Win!

For almost 20 years now, I’ve been looking at how connected digital technologies change how we live, work, and interact with one another.  That has sometimes taken me in surprising directions.  What seems obvious in hindsight — for example, that a search engine would be the lynchpin of the consumer Internet economy — can be hard to appreciate as it’s happening.  So I spend time and energy following emerging trends, ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-10

@treeofsoccer I expect #gamification12 will run again in 2013 (with appropriate hashtag change!). Stay tuned. And yes, relevant for coaches. # Interested in online learning? Penn is hiring an admin coordinator for our MOOC & related efforts., Ref #121033571 # The Kindle edition of For the Win is now available for pre-order: And such a deal! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-07

#gamification12 officially ends today (although the final exam was extended to Wednesday). Thanks to my students for all you contributed! # Nope, but you could buy my book! RT @lyonlee: @kwerb do you have any plans to offer this course for $? #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-05

FCC Chairman Genachowski lecturing at Wharton yesterday (thanks @kwhitehouse!): # My World of Warcraft character is a nature-loving healer, so my future political career remains intact: #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-04

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is speaking at Wharton today at 12pm ET. Video will be live streamed at # Had a fantastic day taking my friend Julius Genachowski, the FCC Chairman, around Wharton. Great discussions with students & faculty. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-03

@annkirschner It's a secret! 🙂 The course is about using fun to motivate engagement, so I created a little puzzle across the videos. # @annkirschner your piece was great, BTW. We're taking baby steps here and have a lot to learn, but it's exciting. # @jeffjarvis What are you using for dictation on Android? # Notes from @gamificationco for Week 4 of my #gamification12 class, on the design process: ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-02 sounds like a powerful tool for real-time online education by the amazing Tara Lemmey: # @saasmath Absolutely, many students were very engaged in #gamification12 without doing assessments. Lots of ways to get value from a MOOC. # RT @annkirschner: "MOOC's will be far more effective when we are able to learn from one another." # RT @gigibsohn: Thorough piece by @USATODAY on #datacaps with nice quote by ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-01

See @ibogost, MOOCs are great! RT @sla_shalafi: I learned about Cow Clicker at #gamification12 it is at the level of Progress Quest. Epic # Last week of my #gamification12 only course. Boy has it gone by quickly! # 9000 students submitted the final written assignment for #gamification12 Less drop-off than I expected; it was much harder than the others #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-26

@kncukier @doctorow "Help" is my middle name! (Actually it's Daniel, but that's not important.) What exactly do you need for the 16th, Cory? # @doctorow @kncukier How about I can hook you up if you want. @alexknowshtml will know other places as well. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-09-25

If you're involved with online video and in NYC, go hear Michael Weinberg from Public Knowledge tomorrow: # Video from my interview with Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) at the Wharton Web Conference: #