Twitter Updates: 2013-02-22 to 2013-02-28

Can someone explain this quote from the CEO of AT&T about spectrum policy? I think he's attacking unlicensed. -> 30,000 registrations so far for my #gamification13 class on Coursera. The 1st session had >80,000; can we get there? -> Thanks! RT @bpenticuff: Highly Recommended! “@kwerb: 30,000 registrations for my #gamification13 class on Coursera.” -> No, thank you! MT @krdpravin: It was "THE" course @kwerb thank you so ...

Twitter Updates: 2013-02-15 to 2013-02-21

Skype now handles 1/3 as many international call minutes as all the world's phone companies combined: -> Gratz to my RIT friends for the amazing new MAGIC lab on games, media & creativity! @mamamusings -> Considering launching a global crusade to replace #TGIF with #HSIF (Holy…). Who's with me? -> Is it more surprising that few critics of massive online courses (MOOCs) have ever taught one, or that ...

Twitter Updates: 2013-02-08 to 2013-02-14

Word. MT @gigibsohn: FCC Chief of Staff Zac Katz: transition to IP doesn't automatically mean that there is competition. #siliconflatirons -> TIRED: net neutrality. WIRED: IP interconnection. #fakesiliconflatirons -> TIRED: wireless. WIRED: unlicensed wireless. #fakesiliconflatirons -> Brilliantly written but misguided @zunguzungu reply to @chirky on MOOCs. Reverses theoretical and practical. -> This is the kind of dangerously unrealistic and unreflective MOOCtopianism we should all be fighting: -> Detailed ...

Under Construction

I finally decided to update my ancient blog template and make some other changes behind the scenes.  Hopefully this will give me some motivation to start posting here again.  Please pardon the mess while I work on things. Thanks!

Our Jewish Christmas Eve

We have a tradition in my family of using Christmas Eve as an excuse for a hearty home-cooked family dinner, usually followed by making a fire in the fireplace and enjoying games or a movie together. Normally it’s my super-dense split pea soup, but this year I made that for Chanukah.  I made so much, in fact, that we were eating it for a week afterwards.  Time for something different. ...

Sotto Voce

Something fascinating is happening in America. It is still too early to hope that the 2012 election and Sandy Hook represent a policial realignment, but the possibility is becoming hard to ignore. What we’ve learned over the past two decades is that the digital communications revolution — the most empowering, democratizing technological change since the printing press — can enable a well-organized and well-funded minority with compelling (if dangerous) ideas ...

For the Win!

For almost 20 years now, I’ve been looking at how connected digital technologies change how we live, work, and interact with one another.  That has sometimes taken me in surprising directions.  What seems obvious in hindsight — for example, that a search engine would be the lynchpin of the consumer Internet economy — can be hard to appreciate as it’s happening.  So I spend time and energy following emerging trends, ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-10

@treeofsoccer I expect #gamification12 will run again in 2013 (with appropriate hashtag change!). Stay tuned. And yes, relevant for coaches. # Interested in online learning? Penn is hiring an admin coordinator for our MOOC & related efforts., Ref #121033571 # The Kindle edition of For the Win is now available for pre-order: And such a deal! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-07

#gamification12 officially ends today (although the final exam was extended to Wednesday). Thanks to my students for all you contributed! # Nope, but you could buy my book! RT @lyonlee: @kwerb do you have any plans to offer this course for $? #

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-05

FCC Chairman Genachowski lecturing at Wharton yesterday (thanks @kwhitehouse!): # My World of Warcraft character is a nature-loving healer, so my future political career remains intact: #