Wall Street Journal: "Corporate spending

Wall Street Journal: “Corporate spending on computers, software, storage and communications gear fell 8.4% last year, the first annual decline since 1958, according to government statistics.” Yowza!! After death, taxes and Moore’s Law, few things have been more certain than increasing corporate IT spending. This statistic confirms we’re experiencing more than just a hangover after the Internet boom. The article goes on to say that things look only marginally better ...

AllNetDevices: Nokia and IBM Global

AllNetDevices: Nokia and IBM Global Services are teaming up to deploy WiFi wireless LAN hotspots. The unlicensed wireless public access market is going to be huge, and in a few years it will be dominated by established players such as wireless carriers and ISPs. There will be room for newer aggregators such as Boingo, Sputnik and Joltage, though they will quickly have to get big or find a defensible market ...

New York Times: Google has

New York Times: Google has come up with a clever way to get around the Church of Scientology’s efforts to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to make it harder to find anti-Scientology sites. Google is removing the sites from its database, but adding a link on the results page to chillingeffects.org. Chillingeffects.org is posting the Church’s DMCA complaints, which include links to the target pages. This shows what a ...

My WindowsXP user profile somehow

My WindowsXP user profile somehow got corrupted. When I booted up my laptop a few minutes ago, all the configuration I had done (Themes, folder settings, IE preferences, bookmarks, etc.) were gone. I wonder if all this is hidden somewhere, or if I just need to manually reset everything. This is a case where bundling IE with Windows is affirmatively bad. Just because Windows screwed up on of its config ...

I was wondering when Dave

I was wondering when Dave would find this site…. For anyone visiting, that line about being under construction is true. I want to do a bit more work on this site before officially announcing it.

Titles don't mess up links after all

It looks as though, contrary to what I wrote last week, turning on Radio’s item title and link option doesn’t make it impossible to include links with descriptive names. That must have been a transient bug.

So much for using voice

So much for using voice mail for sensitive conversations because email is so insecure and easy to forward….

Cloudmark, a stealth startup, plans

Cloudmark, a stealth startup, plans to offer a new approach to automated spam filtering soon. Part of it is an open-source technology called Vipul’s Razor that has been around for a few months. One of the founders, Vipul Ved Prakash, is speaking at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in mid-May. Spam is an increasingly serious problem, and existing solutions such as Brightmail are of limited effectiveness. It will be interesting ...

This is the pre-release version

This is the pre-release version of my personal Weblog. Please be patient while we get everything set up.