New motto for life: "Choose

New motto for life: “Choose to be happy.”

So Bertelsmann is buying Napster

So Bertelsmann is buying Napster after all….

Revisionist history

Wired News: “Creativity — and the economy — thrive when copyrights are strong,” said Robert Holleyman, president of the Business Software Alliance. “The DMCA is proof of that. It has been one of the central pillars supporting the growth of the Internet and the economy in general.”

Anyone know why RealNetworks is

Anyone know why RealNetworks is up 17% today, when most tech stocks are down? I don’t see any news.

The blogosphere is a house

The blogosphere is a house of mirrors in every direction. Today’s example is this paper on open spectrum from a researcher in Japan, which cites to my Release 1.0 article on the topic. I found it via Skywave, which sources Jock Gill. Remember in the early days of the Web, when we all used to go to Yahoo! (or another search engine) and surf along the link trails? Traipsing through ...

New AOL Time Warner CEO

New AOL Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons: “In the past 18 months or so, everything has changed.” (From I hope he realizes that it’s not just a different stock-market environment, but The End of an Error.

I have an article in

I have an article in this month’s Business 2.0 arguing that the real strength of Amazon and other leading B2C e-tailers is their software platforms. The piece was dumbed-down in the editorial process, which commonly happens when writing for monthly magazines. Such is life. Personally, I prefer the draft I gave them in February. What do you think?

I've got more photos of

I’ve got more photos of our son Eli up for those who are interested. These digital cameras are great!

I'm trying out Simon Fell's

I’m trying out Simon Fell’s WordBlogger tool to post directly from Microsoft Word.

That explains it. It's hard

That explains it. It’s hard to make a good cup of espresso in New York because there’s too little calcium in the water.