Here's David Weinberger's blog entry

Here’s David Weinberger’s blog entry for my talk at Connectivity 2002. According to David, the Blogger site was down most of this morning. I hope Ev figures out a way to make Blogger more reliable. It could be the Quicken or the Frontpage of a new market, but the window of opportunity won’t be open forever.

Here is my presentation (PPT)

Here is my presentation (PPT) from Connectivity 2002.

You can still see my

You can still see my office from the Empire State Building Webcam.

MSNBC quoted me in a

MSNBC quoted me in a story yesterday about online communities and their relationship to Weblogs.

David Weinberger is blogging the

David Weinberger is blogging the Connectivity 2002 conference live. I’m sitting here watching Bob Frankston talk, with David stting in front of me taking notes (next to David Isenberg), while I put together my Powerpoint slides for later this morning. Another David (Burstein of DSL Prime) flew in on the redeye this morning from Vortex, bringing regards from Doc.

I'm about to head to

I’m about to head to Boston for Connectivity 2002. One positive of a small baby is that getting up for those early morning flights is less of a challenge — you’re already up. Oh well, I didn’t need that sleep anyway!

This report may have some

This report may have some useful numbers on the growth of WiFi and wireless LANs. Unfortunately, the full report costs $2,995, and In-Stat won’t give me any summary data because they feel my company is a competitor.

Thanks, Doc! I'll be back

Thanks, Doc! I’ll be back on the conference circuit before long. In fact, I’ll be speaking at Connectivity 2002 in Boston tomorrow.

Eli helping daddy check his

Eli helping daddy check his email.