The consensus that no one agrees on

Amy Harmon in the New York Times: Hollywood Has a Setback in Controls for Digital TV. “Frankly we’re surprised,” said Ken Johnson, a spokesman for Representative Billy Tauzin, the Louisiana Republican who leads the committee. “When we looked at the report we said, `Boy, we’ve got a lot of work to do.’ “ This is very good news. I’m a moderate when it comes to digital content protection — I ...

Note to self: check out

Note to self: check out Userland’s Weblog neighborhood tool. As we start to surface the web of relationships among Weblogs, interesting things are bound to happen….

All the same, I'd rather be in Philadelphia

Big news. A week from now, I’m moving to Villanova, a suburb of Philadelphia. My wife and I decided a few months back that we were ready to get out of Manhattan. We’ve had a wonderful time the past four years, but life is different with a baby. Plenty of people raise families here, of course, but both of us felt we’d rather have open space, a house, good public ...

Busy with two babies right

Busy with two babies right now — one three weeks old, and the other born once a month.

Rafe Colburn, agreeing with my

Rafe Colburn, agreeing with my recent Business 2.0 article, points to something I should have thought of: “Check out Amazon’s listing of software development job openings, it’s pretty obvious that Amazon is a software company masquerading as a retailer.”

This MS Word HTML fixer

This MS Word HTML fixer looks like a useful tool. I’ll have to try it some time.

Best laptop for realtime blogging?

Dave Winer asks what is the best laptop for blogging at conferences. Personally, I love my IBM Thinkpad X20. It’s small (<4 pounds, just over 1 inch thick), has 3+ hours battery life, and (this is the key point) IBM makes the best keyboards of any laptop vendor. Never under-estimate the importance of the keyboard if writing is what you use the machine for. The WiFi connection is a snap ...

TCP/IP co-creator Bob Kahn: "The

TCP/IP co-creator Bob Kahn: “The Internet is an architectural philosophy, rather than a technology.”

Netflix had a successful IPO

Netflix had a successful IPO today. Google can’t be far behind in filing to go public. The IPO market in 2002 won’t be great, but quality companies still can make it out. I’m still scratching my head about Paypal, though. Sure, they have huge numbers of users and revenue growth. It’s hard to see (1) how they achieve sustained profitability, given the current and potential competitors, and (2) how they ...

Found here: Thanks for your

Found here: Thanks for your interest in Google Labs. The lab is temporarily closed as we deal with an experiment that got slightly out of hand. Nothing to be concerned about, really. All of our engineers are perfectly safe and there was never any real danger of it escaping into the wild. Please check back in a few hours. Everything should be back to normal then and science will march ...