This MS Word HTML fixer

This MS Word HTML fixer looks like a useful tool. I’ll have to try it some time.

Best laptop for realtime blogging?

Dave Winer asks what is the best laptop for blogging at conferences. Personally, I love my IBM Thinkpad X20. It’s small (<4 pounds, just over 1 inch thick), has 3+ hours battery life, and (this is the key point) IBM makes the best keyboards of any laptop vendor. Never under-estimate the importance of the keyboard if writing is what you use the machine for. The WiFi connection is a snap ...

TCP/IP co-creator Bob Kahn: "The

TCP/IP co-creator Bob Kahn: “The Internet is an architectural philosophy, rather than a technology.”

Netflix had a successful IPO

Netflix had a successful IPO today. Google can’t be far behind in filing to go public. The IPO market in 2002 won’t be great, but quality companies still can make it out. I’m still scratching my head about Paypal, though. Sure, they have huge numbers of users and revenue growth. It’s hard to see (1) how they achieve sustained profitability, given the current and potential competitors, and (2) how they ...

Found here: Thanks for your

Found here: Thanks for your interest in Google Labs. The lab is temporarily closed as we deal with an experiment that got slightly out of hand. Nothing to be concerned about, really. All of our engineers are perfectly safe and there was never any real danger of it escaping into the wild. Please check back in a few hours. Everything should be back to normal then and science will march ...

Here's David Weinberger's blog entry

Here’s David Weinberger’s blog entry for my talk at Connectivity 2002. According to David, the Blogger site was down most of this morning. I hope Ev figures out a way to make Blogger more reliable. It could be the Quicken or the Frontpage of a new market, but the window of opportunity won’t be open forever.

Here is my presentation (PPT)

Here is my presentation (PPT) from Connectivity 2002.

You can still see my

You can still see my office from the Empire State Building Webcam.

MSNBC quoted me in a

MSNBC quoted me in a story yesterday about online communities and their relationship to Weblogs.

David Weinberger is blogging the

David Weinberger is blogging the Connectivity 2002 conference live. I’m sitting here watching Bob Frankston talk, with David stting in front of me taking notes (next to David Isenberg), while I put together my Powerpoint slides for later this morning. Another David (Burstein of DSL Prime) flew in on the redeye this morning from Vortex, bringing regards from Doc.