Twitter Updates for 2012-06-26

RT @katypearce: One can be a very serious scholar + still lots of fun. In fact, I imagine there is a relationship between seriousness + fun. # Bill Gates: "the main area that will determine whether we retain our traditional strength [is] the educational system." # Me too. I'm teaching one to find out! RT @smiffy96: I wonder how hard it is to maintain student focus and 'attendance' throughout ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-25

@ibogost Nice. My point was that a high % now sign up for MOOCs from curiosity, not for learning or credentials. Will rationalize in time. # I'm benchmarking my #gamification MOOC against existing free resources on the topic, not for-credit courses. # @ibogost But seriously, is more access to information and communication always good? No. Is it generally? A: See, "Internet." # Same hidden inequity as urban/suburban K12 schools! ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-24

"The message for MOOCs has to be disregard the dropouts." [Not sure I agree, even with calling them dropouts.] #

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-23

@jobsworth Hotel California Street? Hope you're OK. Sending well wishes. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-22

MT @swarthmoreburke: MOOCs might make colleges have to prove they don't charge foie gras prices for McNuggets. # @adamwerbach Open academic publishing is mainstream. Won't be default until gov't funders, faculty realize big publishers not their friends. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-21

Coursera blog interview about my forthcoming #MOOC on #gamification # Stunning. RT @NBC12: BREAKING: #UVA to consider reinstating ousted president #

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-20

@cavalierdaily releases FOIAed emails suggesting UVa's lack of massive online courses contributed to president's ouster. O.M.F.G. # From the moment Coursera, Udacity, and EdX were announced, I thought higher ed disruption would come surprisingly fast. But wow, just wow. # @landay Yes, internal emails suggesting UVa's lack of MOOC involvement was a precipitating factor in firing its president. # For the record, MOOCs don't kill the economics of top universities. ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-19

For those who haven't been following the events, here's a good summary of the UVa controversy I've been tweeting about: # @haroldfeld on why the upcoming ITU meeting threatens free expression online, but not in the way you've heard. # @joverdorff re: spectrum, (Benkler), (PK), (PCAST), + NAF, Silicon Flatirons # DC technologists: there's a cool job opening on the FCC's new media team, deadline ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-18

If Penn faculty are at all typical, in 2 years there will be *hundreds* of MOOCs by "brand name" profs. Hugely destabilizing. # The UVa debacle reveals a gross misunderstanding of how companies are run. Means we in business school have failed. # Business school students should learn how money *doesn't* equal leadership or motivation. That's why I teach them #gamification #

Twitter Updates for 2012-06-17

If people take away from the UVa debacle that this is how companies are run, or what business schools teach, we have failed. # If the profit motive automatically made people effective managers, we wouldn't need MBA programs. # If the US is really having a debate about capitalism, it's the left that understands better how and why to save it. # Fascinating Reddit discussion with Sebastian Thrun of Udacity ...