Supernova speakers

Over at the Supernova weblog, I’ve posted some thoughts on the initial list of Supernova 2006 speakers.

New Supernova 2006 website, blog

We’ve launched a redesigned and updated website for Supernova 2006, which is now a mere 11 weeks away! The new site, built by our friends at Ideacodes, includes an initial confirmed speaker list and agenda. And, perhaps most important, it marks the launch of the Supernova 2006 weblog. Check out the blog, or susbscribe to our RSS feed for conference updates, interviews, and comments on the themes we’ll be addressing ...

Supernova 2005 video

Mary Hodder put together a delightful short video (Quicktime format) of highlights from Supernova 2005.

Supernova 2005

Supernova 2005 starts today in San Francisco. I can’t wait. To the extent I blog during the next few days, it will be on the

Supernova 2004 video

Jonathan Marks, who attended Supernova 2004 from the Netherlands (and will be joining us again this year), put together a fantastic short video with highlights from last year’s conference. The video gives you a bit of the flavor of the event. And the fact that Jonathan put this together on his own gives you the flavor of the kind of people who attend. I like to say, “There is no ...

Over There

Just a reminder that I’m also posting now on the Supernova conference blog. There will be some overlap between the two blogs, but I generally won’t be making the same post in both places.

Supernova 2005 blog

I’m pleased to announce that the Supernova 2005 weblog is now up and running. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here. The blog is an integral part of Supernova, which is coming up June 20-22 in San Francisco. Over the next three months, I’ll split my time posting here and on the conference blog. As Supernova approaches, we’ll be adding additional features and participants to this blog, which is ...

Guess Who's Coming to Supernova, Part I

This year’s Supernova is really starting to come together. Registration is now open, so sign up, y’all! As usual, we’ve got some wonderful people speaking. Here’s an introduction to a few of them; I’ll post updates periodically in the future. The speakers page on our Website has a longer list of confirmed participants.

Supernova 2005 Website

We’ve just launched the new Website for Supernova 2005. Go check it out! Registration, speaking info, and more details are coming soon. I’m really excited about bringing together deep technology insights and amazing people with Wharton’s high-level business visibility. I hope you can join us in San Francisco, June 20-22.

Anti-attendee conference policies

Cory Doctorow takes the organizers and venue of the South By Southwest conference to task for attendee-unfriendly policies on videotaping and electricity outlets.  In this day and age, it’s amazing that tech conferences still have policies like this.  It reminds me of the “no blogging” rules that some high-end events still try to enforce.  When I organize Supernova, I see myself as an advocate for the attendees.  I insist that ...