“It would be a tragic mistake to underestimate the potential market power Skype is accumulating.” So says the always insightful Martin Geddes. He’s right, and yet this mistake is still quite widespread.

Skype tipping point?

James Enck: “[M]ore than 1% of the world’s broadband population is running Skype at any given time.” Sounds like a killer app to me.

The FCC stands up for VOIP

The FCC announced an order and consent decree fining a small local phone company for

Why We Need Network Neutrality

Vonage, the leading independent US VOIP provider, has complained to the FCC that a broadband access provider is blocking the ports it uses to provide service. I and others have been raising concerns for some time that broadband platform owners will use their control of the physical and logical layers of the network to preclude innovation and competition at higher layers. We’ve been told this is a fantasy, and that ...

Good point, bad metaphor

ZDNet: “Ultimately, the convergence trend is not a revolution but a gradual migration. And like wildebeest migrating across the Serengeti plains, they may find themselves in some surprising places along the way.” (If you can’t tell, that’s from a piece about voice over IP in the enterprise.)

Pulver launches Bellster

It worked for music file sharing… can it work for telephony? VOIP pioneer Jeff Pulver has announced Bellster, a peer-to-peer non-commercial phone network. You allow people to make VOIP calls that terminate through your public switched telephone network connection, in return for the ability to do the same. This will be an interesting experiment to watch.

Whole-house VOIP: It's about time

I’ve been waiting for a product like this. It’s an IP phone with built-in wireless connectivity to remote handsets. That means your voice over broadband connection will automatically support phones throughout your house, a key element in making residential VOIP ubiquitous.

FCC starts VOIP proceeding

The FCC has released its notice of proposed rulemaking on voice over IP.  The initial round of comments are due 60 days after the notice is published in the Federal Register, which is usually a few days after the official release. 

We have DSL!

For the past two weeks I’ve been moving into a new office, which is one explanation for the relatively light blogging.  The biggest pain has been waiting for the DSL line to get hooked up.  Trying to do business with one phone line shared between voice and dial-up Internet isn’t a whole lot of fun.  The good news is that Verizon came today to provision the DSL line.  My router ...

My Senate testimony on VOIP

The Senate Commerce Committee website has my written statement from today’s VOIP hearing. Overall, the hearing went very well. I’m on the train back right now. I’ll post more notes from the hearing when I can.