New photo album

I finally had a chance to upload the last two months of photos.  Album 10 has pictures of both Eli and Esther.  It looks different from the prior albums because I’m trying a different application.

Esther's photo album #2 [1]…

Esther’s photo album #2 is online, with shots from Esther at home.

Coming home

We took Esther home from the hospital today. She’s a tremendous joy, and a wonderful New Year’s present for our family. Thank you to everyone who sent email or commented on the previous entry!

Esther Ann Werbach

Our daughter Esther was born today at 12:56pm.  We’re all doing well, and feeling very excited about the new addition to the family.  Here are some photos.

The next little W

We’re getting ready for the arrival of Eli’s brother or sister, aka “Little W in training.”  The delivery is scheduled for December 26.  I’ll post photos here as soon as I can!

Eli's cousin Mila

Eli has a new cousin, Mila Cassidy Werbach.  Isn’t she cute!

Album #5

Album 5, with photos from March through the end of May, including Eli’s first birthday party, is now online.

I've added a fourth photo

I’ve added a fourth photo album with pictures of Eli from January, February, and early March 2003.

The next milestone

Eli is crawling now. It’s wonderful to watch him trundle about exploring his world. On the other hand, this means you can no longer put him down somewhere and expect he’ll stay there!

I've added a new album

I’ve added a new album of Eli pictures from September through December. Enjoy!