Twitter Updates: 2013-05-03 to 2013-05-09

  • Watching fantastic education entrepreneurs presenting today at #MilkenPennGSE ->
  • Many downsides to the rapid introduction of market forces in big education, but bottom-up edtech startup activity is a great development. ->
  • Startup founder's son explains use of gamification on the site: "If I get more prizes than my friends, I can brag to them." #milkenpenngse ->
  • A fantastic choice! RT @CNET: White House picks Twitter lawyer as chief privacy officer ->
  • Cool student-driven EdTech program at Swarthmore. Why don't we have something like this at Wharton? ->
  • Screenflow (Mac), Wacom tablet, Omnidazzle, PowerPoint, webcam. RT @rafeeq_rehman: which tools are used to create your lecture videos. ->
  • Why yes, now that you ask, I do: RT @yayitoam: Do you have a book about gamification Mr. Werbach? ->
  • Digital-first model cuts costs. RT @ahtolllka: how have you set the price for your book? Looks too cheap, already bought a Kindle version. ->
  • You're welcome! Thanks for playing. 🙂 RT @bill_hennessy: Thanks @kwerb for a fabulous #gamification on Coursera. ->