Twitter Updates for 2012-09-15

  • @sri_watts Yes, @adamwerbach is my extraordinary brother. Every few years our work intersects. Starting to happen again now. #
  • Sad but true. MT @jeffjarvis: Just as newspapers reduce frequency, univs will reduce departments, a la Emory: #
  • @jeffjarvis Based on seeing newspapers fail to change ahead of the looming digital storm, what do you think universities should do today? #
  • @seerichards Yes, @jseelybrown is an absolute visionary, who I'm honored to know. #
  • @jeffjarvis Agreed on the value of new teaching tools (why I'm doing Coursera), but that's not the source of excessive tuition rates. #
  • @jeffjarvis Higher ed today has a basic biz model instability, just like papers. Tuition funds research, like Macys funding foreign bureaus #
  • @jeffjarvis If higher ed wants to transform, tech will be a huge help. But > efficient delivery in the current model = what happened @ Emory #