Twitter Updates for 2012-08-24

  • As expected, FCC approves Verizon-cable spectrum swap. Most significant telecom deal in years. #
  • @amyjokim VZ/Cable spectrum deal changes industry dynamics by giving cable a wireless/out-of-market play, the only things it lacked. #
  • @amyjokim Cable/VZ spectrum deal is also a formal detente on intermodal competition, which was the dream of the 1996 telecom deregulation. #
  • RT @phillydotcom: Penn amps up role in Coursera online-education effort [My course is actually now at 60,000] #
  • My free Coursera online course on #Gamification starts Monday. Join 60,000 students in a learning adventure! #
  • @michaelhwan I'll try to respond to tweets & some forum posts for my #gamification12 course, but can't guarantee b/c of numbers! #