Twitter Updates for 2012-07-23

  • @jaygoldman Thanks. The Supernova conference is on hold. Market too frothy, and I wanted time for other things, e.g. the gamification work. #
  • @jaygoldman Tech conferences are due for disruption/reinvention anyway. #
  • Heading to DC for the day. Used to be my second home, but lately visiting frustrates me. Hoping this time for some reason for optimism. #
  • @jaygoldman My starting point is flipping the conference: get the content online, come for the community/collaboration. #
  • @jaygoldman Sure, ping me when you're in town. Khan gets the press, but flipped learning is a bigger/older phenomenon. #
  • The key to flipped learning isn't the flip (online lectures), it's the flop (interactive stuff using the freed-up classtime). #
  • My Coursera 6-week online course on #Gamification starts August 27. It's free and open to all, so sign up! #