Twitter Updates for 2012-07-19

  • Folks, MOOCs won't replace college any more than Amazon replaced all of local retail. Stop the hyperbole. #
  • @_anuj Absolutely. MOOCs expand access to knowledge and skills, which is wonderful. Not the same as replacing college. #
  • Another MOOC analogy: TED talks = awesome content and some community. Will have impacts on education, but won't replace college. #
  • A lesson from the MOOC hype is that top universities haven't emphasized access to knowledge as a core mission. So free classes shock people. #
  • Students in online courses prefer hand-drawn illustrations to PPT diagrams. Problem for a guy like me who can't draw. #
  • They'd force you to resign retroactively. RT @ibogost: I wonder if I could get Bain Capital to do a leveraged buyout of Cow Clicker. #