Twitter Updates for 2012-06-28

  • RT @adamwerbach: Americans spend twice as much on processed food [as % of income] as they did 30 years ago. #
  • Mulling the link between teaching & storytelling. But how to learn to tell good stories? Maybe I should re-read @peterguber's book! #
  • Supreme Court upholds health care reform. See Obama knew what he was doing all along. 😉 #
  • So in a few decades we'll be as perplexed about opposition to universal health care as social security, medicare, &the income tax. #
  • So it's true Roberts dared Sergey Brin he'd uphold the ACA if Google had people jump out of blimps with augmented reality glasses? #
  • Although, if one were a GOP partisan, feeding a narrative that the ACA is about taxes rather than sick people is a nice tactic. #
  • @JohnPaczkowski Did iTunes ever "just work"? It has always been a mess if you deign to use non-Apple content or devices. #
  • @JohnPaczkowski I meant iTunes is un-usable with any ripped or Amazon MP3, or an Android device. Or more than one mac, for that matter. #
  • Reading tweets about how amoral business schools are as I prep to teach my Wharton course on ethics, law, and responsibility. #