Twitter Updates for 2012-06-26

  • RT @katypearce: One can be a very serious scholar + still lots of fun. In fact, I imagine there is a relationship between seriousness + fun. #
  • Bill Gates: "the main area that will determine whether we retain our traditional strength [is] the educational system." #
  • Me too. I'm teaching one to find out! RT @smiffy96: I wonder how hard it is to maintain student focus and 'attendance' throughout a MOOC #
  • @jselingo good teaching & online/in-class tech requires *more* resources up front. We should do it, but not to save $. #
  • US has a crisis in education funding, and disruptive innovation in teaching/learning. We often confuse the two. #
  • Impressed Bill Gates realizes difficulty of filling course requirements is a big barrier to graduation at many univs. #
  • U.Va. Board Reinstates Sullivan as President | Inside Higher Ed: #
  • The next question is what lessons are learned from UVa? Will the events focus attention on the right way to address the very real issues? #