Twitter Updates for 2012-06-20

  • @cavalierdaily releases FOIAed emails suggesting UVa's lack of massive online courses contributed to president's ouster. O.M.F.G. #
  • From the moment Coursera, Udacity, and EdX were announced, I thought higher ed disruption would come surprisingly fast. But wow, just wow. #
  • @landay Yes, internal emails suggesting UVa's lack of MOOC involvement was a precipitating factor in firing its president. #
  • For the record, MOOCs don't kill the economics of top universities. But all 40 of the "top 25" must be panicked about being left behind. #
  • @benstanfield The higher ed disruption is not the massive online courses, yet. It's the fear of where they will lead. #
  • Free-as-in-speech higher education is spooked by free-as-in-beer MOOCs. Great in the long run, but expect chaos along the way. #
  • Did someone say wealth of networks? RT @sivavaid: "Other side is rich & connected. We are many & interconnected." #UVA #
  • Good overview by @manojalpa of @superbetter comparing "gameful design" with shallow versions of gamification. #
  • Though I don't see the point of calling the good stuff "gameful" and the bad stuff "gamification." The meme won, like it or not. #