Twitter Updates for 2012-06-11

  • Friend at a baby naming today expressed annoyance at me for encouraging him to buy Facebook stock. Must be thinking of someone else. #
  • Word of the month: hacka-surfa-sharathon. (Courtesy of @adamwerbach) #
  • Just made a donation to @Rootstrikers. Support this vital movement to reclaim our politics. #
  • The phrase "UN Internet Takeover" may be overheated but the threat is very real. US can't take its eye off the ball. #
  • New FourSquare reaffirms they have a sophisticated understanding of #gamification It's a tool to use when it helps, not pixie dust. #
  • @rafeco That's my point. For Foursquare, gamification is scaffolding. It got them to scale to enable the real value proposition. #
  • Benefit concert for the Trevor Project, June 23rd in SF — great event organized by my friend @davidhornik's sons: #