Twitter Updates for 2012-05-22

  • 18,000 signatures on day 1 of the White House open access petition. Let's blow the doors off this thing! #
  • Jim Speta and I discuss the cable WiFi roaming announcement on Marketplace radio: #
  • @knowledgewharton advisory board meeting. Brilliant: Session on reinvention led by the newest members of the team. Least tied to status quo. #
  • Constantly impressed by @mpandya, who runs Knowledge@Wharton. His work is crucial to the future of the school. #
  • MT @DianeRavitch: Those who insist on trashing public schools & ignoring their importance really attacking our nation. #
  • Alarming reading: Kleiner Perkins partner @ekp (my law school classmate) sues the firm for sexual harassment. #
  • "Imagine a curriculum or even educational institution organized like a web or network rather than an assembly line." #