Twitter Updates for 2012-05-21

  • Important! Sign this White House petition to promote free access to the results of taxpayer-funded research. #
  • Word. Bummed I can't be there. RT @geoffdaily: If you're in DC and interested in telecom policy and not [at F2C], you're missing out! #
  • Typically perceptive comments by @dingstweets on the new @pewinternet #gamification report: #
  • RT @marvin_ammori: Susan Crawford is the Elizabeth Warren of Internet policy. Her analysis is brilliant and plainspoken. #f2c #
  • MT Craig Moffett (top telecom analyst): "Cable operators are interconnecting their Wi-Fi networks. The strategic implications are profound." #
  • MT @gigibsohn: Experts [and @kwerb] talk about future of public interest in wireless & broadband this Weds @NewAmerica. #
  • Great news that Colorado U. law prof @paulohm will take a leave to work at the FTC on Internet and privacy issues. #
  • ITU efforts to take over the Internet: If at fifth you don't suceed… #
  • RT @dsearls: Blair Levin: "The country needs a psychology of abundance rather than a psychology of scarcity." #f2c #