Twitter Updates for 2012-05-11

  • Hearing people be dismissive about online learning reminds me of mainstream perspectives on electronic commerce 15 years ago. #
  • The turning points for e-commerce acceptance were Amazon, eBay, and IBM's eBusiness campaign. What will be for e-learning? #
  • Delightful @jobsworth TED talk on Information as Food: #
  • "Distance learning" is a misnomer. I want to teach online to reduce distance… between my mind and my students'. #
  • @CathyNDavidson: Agree with, but why would anyone think courseware = course? Like ERP vs. Web 2.0 in business. #
  • @CathyNDavidson I know. Was expressing surprise at the courseware hype (and I'm going to teach a Coursera course!) #
  • Kickstarter page for ClassRealm, a 6th grade teacher's audacious effort to gamify the classroom: #
  • @gamificationco Sorry, not going to Gamification Summit. #