Twitter Updates for 2012-05-10

  • Dude, there's 30 years of literature by faculty about junking lectures. It didn't start with Khan or 2 guys last week. #
  • A while, sadly. RT @jobsworth: Wondering how long it will take for the current patent & copyright regime to collapse under its own weight. #
  • To 600K! Cellular architecture for wireless is dying. RT @StevenJCrowley: Sprint Femtocell Growth Up 240% in One Year #
  • I don't think most people realize how HUGE the US education system is. So many classrooms. Many "revolutions" go largely unnoticed. #
  • The business world is divided into those who fear #gamification is too difficult and those who don't see how hard it is to do well. #
  • Getting ready for experts workshop next week on the End of the Phone System. It's time to plan for the great telecom discontinuity. #