Twitter Updates for 2012-04-27

  • @dhmspector Awesome! I've always suspected that 90% of the world's population were fated to be my mindless automoton slaves! #
  • Philadelphia Mayor Nutter signs landmark city open data policy: #
  • RT @jhagel: The imperative of institutional innovation – pervasive and growing loss of trust in all institutions #
  • @sivavaid Penn's Doug Lynch resigned (appropriately) b/c he falsely claimed completion of a PhD. Nothing to do with his work being "exposed" #
  • @sivavaid Thanks. I do admit to curiosity on what Penn does to replace Lynch, as he was a creative but controversial guy in the ed space. #
  • Smartphone in 2013 with 200 gigaflop processors, scaling to teraflops? That was a supercomputer not long ago. #
  • New study: By 2015, over 50% of #gamification presentations will mis-quote impressive-sounding but thinly-sourced Gartner stats. #