Twitter Updates for 2012-04-25

  • Philadelphia to close 64 public schools, will soon have 40% of students in charters. End of public education as we know it? #
  • Plugging away on my #gamification book that should be out this fall. Stay tuned for more details. #
  • My colleague Jerry Wind on Orchestration as the New Managerial Model, from the new Wharton/Google ThinkInsights series: #
  • Grats to an educational gamification pioneer! RT @denisateme: @StevenLJohnson congrats on the Teacher of the Year award! Yay! #FoxITAwards #
  • Great #gamification panel at @phlgamelab conference yesterday with @gzicherm @chrislarry33 and Stephen Jacobs. Thanks @nathans! #
  • The new Philly public school plan is either the 1st step to productive reform or the penultimate act of a tragedy. No middle ground. #
  • @ottoman42 Details on plans to "essentially blow the [Philadelphia school] district up & start with a new structure": #