Twitter Updates for 2012-04-09

  • Mobile carriers still don't get it on metering and data caps. Users will get what they want/expect. #
  • RT @edyson: think long term: seeds drown when flooded, with water or money. via @42floors #
  • RT @quinnnorton: “The Internet mirrors society. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, don't break the mirror.” -Vint Cerf #
  • Look out, higher ed: the testing industrial complex that devastated K12 is coming for you. #
  • Can't make it up on volume. MT @carr2n: Publishers lost $26.7b print ads & gained only $1.2b in digital since 2005. #
  • Somehow wound up prepping 5 new courses at once. Good news is 1) all based on two I did before, 2) all are exciting experiments. #