Twitter Updates for 2012-03-30

Boston or bust! # UPenn is the #2 social media savvy university! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-29

At #PhillySEED listening to pitches by Philly education innovators, with @chrislehmann. # Vote for @adamwerbach for best green business Twitter feed: #

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-28

I feel a sense of unease the rule of law may be waxing in China as it wanes in the US. I hope I'm half-right, about the right half! # NTIA: "spectrum sharing is a vital component of satisfying the growing demand for access to spectrum." Amen! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-27

@scrawford on The House GOP Plan to Gut the FCC | Epicenter | # The GOP in Congress thinks the answer to bad regulation is to make the regulatory process worse. How about making it better? #FCC # Analyzing data is a great way to get the right answer, but a terrible way to find the right questions. # @arsetechnica Data don't point. People using data can ask ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-26

Awful, misleading House bill to make the FCC non-functional moves forward. Congress is the real problem! # I noticed this too when I went through there. RT @mherger: Gamification of Border Control: Shanghai Int'l Airport # My mentor and former boss Reed Hundt explains what's so bad about the House Republicans' "FCC Reform" bill. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-25

This should tell you a lot. RT @markpinc: If u are a rockstar in banking or consulting apply to be the next ninja product maker @zynga. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-24

Just returned from a few days in Shanghai. China is fascinating. Biggest tech-related learning was the diversity of the internal market. # There are 700 brands of mobile phone in use in China, and about 10,000 unique models. (But everyone there craves an iPhone.) # "A tainted & largely unpoliced universe of untrustworthy test results underlies bold changes in education policy." # "A tainted & largely unpoliced universe of ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-23

Good to be back in a country that doesn't block Twitter (yet). # Remind me to book another 14 hour flight the next time I need to write a tenure letter. That worked out great. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-18

If you think gamification is just about competition, read this interview about the breakout hit Draw Something: # @timoreilly ICANN money grubbing is not news. It's a huge obstacle to multi-stakeholder Internet governance, b/c it's such a broken example. # Finally read the chilling NYTimes post by Thomas Edsall on higher ed reproducing privilege. US has to fix this. # Last time the heroes were VCs. Now it's ...

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-16

At what point do data start becoming big? No one ever seems to draw a line. # Is big data just a brand, like Big Mac, or is there a way to distinguish it from small data? # Hey Twitter spambot: I'd be more likely to click on your spam tweet if the avatar for "Analisa" wasn't a guy with a moustache. Just sayin'. # He's getting the iBird instead? ...