Twitter Updates for 2012-02-27

  • Simultaneously boycotting TED and the Oscars for a World of Warcraft raid. #
  • More evidence that the IP tide is turning. RT @lucymarcus: Elsevier withdraws support for Research Works Act #
  • RT @pewinternet: Choices adults make re: privacy settings on SNS virtually identical to those of teens. #
  • Today's challenge: Who can guess what these new prints in our kitchen represent? #
  • RT @CathyNDavidson: U Penn Pres Amy Gutmann is up now on How Universities Can Make the Most Difference #delange8 #
  • Nice SF Chron article on the debate over the effectiveness of gamification. Gets the subtleties involved. #
  • Wireless network operators/vendors are short-sighted if they try to make WiFi another proprietary channel. #