Twitter Updates for 2012-02-21

  • @jayrosen_nyu And you're surprised that's your #1 most common reply tweet? #
  • SuperPACs increasingly *are* the Presidential campaign. This helps democracy how? #
  • RT @linkhoe: Op-ed by Rob McDowell, FCC Commissioner, about Internet Governance is a good read. #
  • Politics and religion in the US share a failing: too many don't really believe what they say. Suggestion: change one or the other. #
  • "We got into this [spectrum crunch] b/c tech & demand exploded at a rate nobody anticipated." Um, not true. #
  • @thenewb 700mhz is just one piece. Most spectrum allocation is inefficient, as explained in my Supercommons paper: #
  • @thenewb The point is that anyone could see that wireless data demand would outstrip supply. We just didn't do enough about it. #
  • @thenewb The FCC didn't do enough on wireless capacity between M. Powell's task force & the current leadership, but neither did industry. #