Twitter Updates for 2012-02-12

  • Has anyone noticed the uptake of Minecraft in the 8-12 set? I thought I was ahead in showing my son, but all his friends play. #
  • "Almost 1/2 of Americans lived in households that received govt benefits in 2010." So why do we hate govt so much? #
  • Trying to understand how @Path is more than a prettier and more limited Facebook mobile. I'm missing something. #
  • Wise words on transforming higher ed: It's not the tech, stupid! It's purpose, authenticity, and wonder. #
  • Said like a true thought leader! RT @VenessaMiemis: we don't need more thought leadership. we need prototypes. start building! #
  • @VenessaMiemis I know. So am I. Wasn't trying to slight your work — you made a good point. Just being snarky. #
  • RT @blakereid: #flatirons @marklemley If we give the government the power to break the Internet, we are unlikely to get it back. #
  • OMG such an inside joke, but still, lulz. RT @FakePrestonPadd: #flatirons Hollywood needs a bailout! We're too big to fail. #
  • Acutally proven by network science! RT @pweiser: @marklemley "The Internet is quite robust and surprisingly fragile." #