Twitter Updates for 2011-11-16

  • Steve Jobs wanted to create "synthetic" wireless carrier using unlicensed spectrum. Smart guy, that Jobs. #
  • Nice of Congress to hold a hearing on #SOPA during my internet law class meeting on exactly that topic. Just in time teaching! #
  • Reminder that @doctorow is speaking tomorrow (Thurs) at Penn/Wharton, 5pm in Huntsman 245. #
  • @rperezalonso Sure, ping me at <> if you'd like to chat. #
  • Getting really frustrated by Apple's lack of functional search capability in OSX Lion Mail. Makes email incredibly painful. #
  • @AnkitShah I've never found Gmail comfortable/efficient, and I don't want to abandon 12+ years of archives. Eudora was great but now dead. #
  • @AnkitShah I just find the Gmail interface of everything in one river illegible for the volume of mail I process. #