Twitter Updates for 2011-09-28

Monday: gamification meetup at Penn w/ @chrisgrant, @MargaretWallace, @jesperjuul, Eric Goldberg, Frank Lee. RSVP: #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-27

Enjoyed hearing what our students are planning for their team projects in my Wharton #gamification course. Some nice ideas. # @professorkim My Wharton #gamification course website is at Syllabus at #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-26

Reminder to Philly folks to RSVP for Gamification: Practical Advice from Game Developers next Monday (10/3): #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-25

Bummed I can't go. RT @jeffjarvis: Philly folk: If you happen to be near Chestnut Hill this a.m., come hear me at C.H. Presbyterian at 1115. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-24

MT @scrawford: battle for the heart of the Internet – two mindsets (govs v. multistakeholder) at war HT @digiphile # "Western leaders…accuse other nations of monitoring, but…take for granted their steps 2 monitor & control the net." # That last quote about Internet monitoring and control was from the Chinese news agency Xinhua. Gotta admit, they have a point. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-23

Paging Dr. Frankston! MT @martinvars: The challenge of telephone co's and cable co's is that all [people] need is a good pipe. # RT @lucymarcus in @harvardbiz – It Is Time to Fix Our Boardrooms: # BITAG publishes first broadband network engineering consensus paper, on IPv6 DNS whitelisting. Good 1st step. # Looking forward to seeing all my telecom and information policy friends at TPRC! # Why can't ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-22

Tonight I pass on my Iron Prof Wharton trophy to a new champion. Excited to see how my colleagues rise to the challenge! # @howardgr: /wave. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-19

As usual, my MacBook Pro battery life has fallen below 1 hour. Only this time I can't replace it. Pity, I was liking this machine. # @arsetechnica All I know is that I've never had a Mac laptop with a usable batter after 18 months. And now it's sealed in the machine. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-15

Can't get on the wifi at #gsummit Looks like not enough IPs available. # Philly/Penn peeps interested in gamification: register for our meetup, Oct 3 at Wharton: #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-13

We held the first session of our Wharton MBA #gamification course yesterday. Very impressed with the students. This is going to be fun. # Anyone interested in following along our Wharton #gamification course: the course website is at # Thanks @timoreilly for RTing my patent reform post. FYI, the Wharton blog shortened it; full version at # @MrLehmann The syllabus for our Wharton #gamification course is on the ...