Twitter Updates for 2011-07-30

Eagles sign Nnamdi Asomugha. WTF?!?! I go to California for a few days and look what happens! Good to have another Cal grad in the fold! #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-29

Anyone going to the TechCrunch August Capital party tomorrow night who could give me a lift to/from the Caltrain station? # @hv23 Thanks. I've got a lift over there now. #

The Potential for Wireless Breakthroughs

Several news outlets today are covering entrepreneur Steve Perlman’s DIDO technology,  which claims to support “impossible” levels of capacity over wireless networks.  It’s heady stuff.  The descriptions promise 10 to 1000-fold gains by delivering individually formed beams to each device, in contrast to current sharing mechanisms that suffer from interference. For me, what’s important is how this illustrates the point that I learned from innovators like David Reed, Tim Shepherd, ...

Getting Out of the Broadband Box

Today’s official launch of Gig.U, a consortium of universities to facilitate next-generation community broadband opportunities, has tremendous potential.  John Markoff has a story about the launch in today’s New York Times.  Here’s why I’m hopeful for this project. Broadband is the infrastructure of the 21st century.  Easy to say, hard to fully appreciate. It’s especially difficulty to envision broadband scenarios different than the ones we’re used to: commercial access providers ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-26

Delighted to see @lucymarcus and other friends shortlisted for Thinkers 50. Go vote here: # Washington Post blog by @ceciliakang, quoting me about dangers of usage-based billing: # @AdamThierer Did you read my quote in the Post article? # @AdamThierer Good transparency, interconnection, and competition rules would be better than price controls. # Spontaneous Phillies game for date night. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-21

Busy updating my Mac to replace the various apps that either no longer run or now suck under OSX 10.7 Lion. # @rycaut PowerPC-only apps have a crossed out icon under Lion. Haven't had much trouble IDing other things that need to upgrade. # OSX Lion has some nice parts, but others make me scratch my head. Hiding the Library folder is eerily reminiscent of Windows. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-19

Who said the goal was to make "all social networks equal"? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-15

RT @AlecJRoss: Happy 60th birthday to @edyson, a wonderful thinker/leader/entrepreneur who views the world through a wide-angled lens #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-14

@JonHenke The current calls for content access fees in Europe feel like a concerted campaign, + linked to NGN deployment. # Arrived SFO, 2 1/2 hours late. Need to get some sleep before my 6 hours of teaching today! # I'm a business school prof (Wharton). Teaching intro to law & public policy for our SF Executive MBA students. # Sorry, that last one should have been directed to @filos ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-13

Google+ revealed to be the new version of FoRK: (If you don't get the reference, pay no mind.) # Stats on 1 million Google+ member profiles. # RT @wa8dzp: The FCC opened its 'Technology Experience Center' (TEC) today: (via @TechPolicy) # @FCC You're showing the Matrix? # @FCC: Is it the Matrix? # RT (or the Google equivalent) @davegirouard: "G+ will be awesome for your business ...