Twitter Updates for 2011-06-18

  • Pete Hirschberg (ex-Apple & Technorati) talking "Summer of Smart" hackathons to leverage municipal data for social good. #
  • OMFG. Amazing Google presentation to FCC on growth of Internet vs. telecom. The tail wagging the dog. #
  • For all of us who saw the Internet swallowing telecom back in the 90s, the surprise is how little changed once it happened. #
  • Google: In 1997, phone traffic 16x Net traffic in N. America. 2010: Net 150x bigger. 2015: Net 750x bigger. #
  • @charlieisaacs Glad to hear you're on to the gamification trend. But what are WFM and BPM? #
  • @charlieisaacs Thanks. I'm a biz school prof so I know those terms. Just needed an acronym sync! I agree this will be a huge opportunity. #