Twitter Updates for 2011-05-24

  • Watched the news during my run. Intelligent, serious journalism- what local news & CNN used to be. Shame I have to get it from Al Jazeera. #
  • Yeah, me too. Stay a while! RT @govloop: Excited to go to Philly today. Love that place #
  • @eli_samson News as news, not entertainment. Only available today via govt patronage (BBC/PBS/AJ). #
  • Spring cleaning day at the office! Finding lots of cool books I didn't realize I had. #
  • MT @whartonmagazine: Kevin Werbach (@kwerb) explains gamification and why you'll be hearing more about it. #gamification #
  • Same as difference b/t "businessperson" and "smart person." RT @jeffjarvis: What's the diff b/t "business casual" &"smart casual"? #
  • I knew there was a desk surface down there somewhere! Better head home before my office becomes a mess again. #
  • RT @wadhwa: Only 1% of Tech CEOs are women. Almost no CTOs. Something is seriously wrong. #