Twitter Updates for 2011-04-12

  • @dscheinm Sorry to hear it! Good luck on your post-Cisco adventures. #
  • A taste of what's to come. RT @ThinkQuarterly: U.S. customers spent nearly $600 million on mobile games in 2010. #
  • Cisco restructuring all about video itself as the next killer app, not a collection of specialized services. #
  • Excited LGST/OPIM 640x: Digital Game Design Techniques for Business, was approved by Wharton faculty. MBAs, register for it in the fall! #
  • I believe this will be the first business school course on #gamification But not the last! #
  • @amyjokim Planning to use pieces from @jesseschell @raphkoster @avantgame, for starters. Would love to loop you in as well. #
  • @umairh Oh yes, read your excellent anti-gamification column. We'll consider the critiques as well. #
  • @ticorah I see you're a Wharton grad. Would love to chat more re: gamification. Email #