Twitter Updates for 2011-04-08 1

  • Digging into the world of #gamification #
  • RT @Richard_Florida: Want to start to fix higher-ed? Drop research, teaching & service. Replace with discovery, learning, & engagement. #
  • RT @tom_peters: A great teacher is a co-learner with his or her students. #
  • @robpegoraro You do know that @yochaibenkler and @zittrain were classmates at Harvard Law, right? Same year as me and @mcandrew. #
  • @anya1anya Would love to hear about your way-cool event. I woke up last year as a tenured Ivy League prof, and realized I'm a teacher. #
  • @aa Hard to believe Kurt Cobain died before the commercial Internet happened. I don't recall the news coverage being in black & white. #
  • Alec is literally changing the world. MT @AlecJRoss: 2011 about institutionalizing 21st Century Statecraft @StateDept + w/America's allies. #
  • The biggest startup success you probably don't know. It's all about games. RT GigaOm: The Insane Success of Minecraft. #
  • Can u say "intrinsic motivation?" RT @brucenussbaum Maybe we should look at disruptive innovation as a social movement. #

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  1. Pandora Australia Apr 18,2011 9:41 pm

    innovation as a social moveme

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