Twitter Updates for 2011-03-24

  • At #PhillyTechMeetup at Wharton. #
  • Congrats to @adamwerbach for Rolling Stone listing his Noise Pop film in the 7 best music documentaries of the year! #
  • MT @anildash: Interesting to see "proper" game experts talk about Zynga the way "proper" journos talked about bloggers in 2004. #
  • “'If a company like ours is having bandwidth constraints, you have to ration that bandwidth – pricing is usual… (cont) #
  • RT @TheIdeasEconomy: FB's Schrage on failure "In NY, you're unemployed. In Bay Area, you're an entrepreneur. (In LA you're an actor)." #
  • Imagine if Twitter did this? RT @ThinkQuarterly: While we are offline for a few minutes lets field some questions! Who has some? #
  • RT @ThinkQuarterly: Globally, we spend 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month. That’s 326,294 years! @youtube #
  • Listening to #kcrw on the web. For those unfamiliar, it's what we used to call Pandora in LA in the 80s. #
  • RT @ThinkQuarterly: Over 150 years worth of YouTube video is watched on @Facebook every day. #