Twitter Updates for 2011-03-31

IFTF release Paul Baran's 1971 forecasts for the future of the Internet: # Wharton posts video of my 15-minute BizTalk on Business and Government in the Network Age. Check it out: # Fantastic preview of the antitrust review of AT&T/T-Mobile, by Stanford's Roger Noll & Greg Rosston: # Yum. RT @adamwerbach: Average American consumes 22 teaspoons added sugar daily, teens consume 34 teaspoons. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-28

RIP Paul Baran, visionary creator of packet switching. Never knew he grew up in Philly! # RT @wa8dzp: Paul Baran & 'Open Spectrum': (via @brough) Baran felt that U.S. spectrum policy based on 'false scarcity' # Paul Baran: A Man Ahead of His Time – Here’s Paul Baran, the legendary technologist who died yesterday,… #

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-27

Swype just suggested "Lessig" when I tried to enter "Kiddush." That's a new one. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-26

Hanging in Fishtown with all the cool kids. And Johanna. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-25

Cool. Just found out I was member number 1396 out of 100,000,000 at LinkedIn. So close to 1337! # 6 Trillion SMS messages were sent worldwide in 2010. That's 200,000 per second. # Uh oh. My brother is inciting the Palestra! RT @RevistaVivasa: Adam Werbach já iniciou sua palestra. # So I'm even more l33t! RT @johnolilly: MT @adamnash: Another @LinkedIn trivia item: no memberID under 1000, because IDs started ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-24

At #PhillyTechMeetup at Wharton. # Congrats to @adamwerbach for Rolling Stone listing his Noise Pop film in the 7 best music documentaries of the year! # MT @anildash: Interesting to see "proper" game experts talk about Zynga the way "proper" journos talked about bloggers in 2004. # “'If a company like ours is having bandwidth constraints, you have to ration that bandwidth – pricing is usual… (cont) # ...

Is Open Flow Neither Open Nor Flow? Talk Among Yourselves.

I’m intrigued and a bit perplexed by the recent announcement of the Open Networking Foundation and its vision of programmable networks.  This quote crystallizes what I’m wondering about: “In the OpenFlow network, all the intelligence will be in a central point, so it’s easier to do complex things.” — Urs Hoelzle, SVP of Engineering, Google I thought the Internet was all about de-centralized intelligence? I know ONF is a serious ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-22

RT @mobilefuture: By 2020, the Internet of things will connect 50b devices globally, says Genachowski (Qualcomm stat). #ctia # @sivavaid You don't understand. "Apple" is french, short for "App Le Store", meaning App Store. They own the term under Hadopi. # @boingboing @doctorow Wrong headline re: Wikipedia. Story is about students, not scholars. Though we should too. # Judge rejects revised Google Books settlement: #

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-21

US wireless endgame? "We knew there would be some kind of merger…": # It's still the biggest. MT @robpegoraro: Sprint/Google might have been today's biggest wireless news before AT&T&T: # @martingeddes The weakest operator was always going to be the first to flip. Question is whether the model becomes established. # AT&T: Our mobile data traffic grew 8,000% the past four years; by 2015 expected to be 8-10x ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-19

Finally watching #InsideJob are getting the DVD. Amazing job of explaining the financial crisis. #