Twitter Updates for 2011-02-23

  • Fascinating Wharton Fellows session with Comcast execs on transformation of Telecom and media. #
  • My new Wharton Blog post, on what the Middle East revolts teach us about business education & leadership: #
  • Trying to upgrade MobileMe calendar generates this: "Content Encoding Error: invalid or unsupported form of compression." Huh? #
  • Lanyrd: "You follow 67 of the 1500 speakers at SXSWi". Whoa, 1500 *speakers*? WTF. #
  • Seeking a babysitter in Austin, TX for my kids (7 & 8) at SXSW, March 11-13. Trust me, they're fun! DM me or #
  • @gigibsohn It's good we no longer have to be defensive about US defense of the defense of marriage act! #DOMA #
  • Heading to Wharton BizTalk event for my presentation on Business and Government in the Network Age. Remind me to post my slides… #