Twitter Updates for 2011-03-14

@digiphile Not that useful w/o audio, but slides from my "Biz & Gov't in the Network Age" talk at # Wharton Biztalks event was fun, but reminded me I should make more of my "research" about what I actually spend my time following! # And now, I need to get some dinner. # RT @martingeddes: Network ownership a kind of Tolkein's ring; temptation to capture value of the bits ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-23

Fascinating Wharton Fellows session with Comcast execs on transformation of Telecom and media. # My new Wharton Blog post, on what the Middle East revolts teach us about business education & leadership: # Trying to upgrade MobileMe calendar generates this: "Content Encoding Error: invalid or unsupported form of compression." Huh? # Lanyrd: "You follow 67 of the 1500 speakers at SXSWi". Whoa, 1500 *speakers*? WTF. # Seeking a babysitter ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-22

Seeking a babysitter in Austin, TX for my kids (7 & 8) at SXSW, March 11-13. Trust me, they're fun! DM me or #

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-21

Seeking a babysitter in Austin, TX for my kids (7 & 8) at SXSW, March 11-13. Trust me, they're fun! DM me or # So, Hugh, who's going to reinvent it and win? RT @gapingvoid: Every year the price of an MBA increases, yet its overall value decreases. # Yes, it's true. Life *is* better with more cumin. # Anyone know a potential babysitter in Austin, TX? Bringing my ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-19

Great feedback on my Network Utility paper at a workshop at Rutgers. Now, time to hit the bar. # Jefferson's Moose playing live in Merion Station, PA. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-18

If Infinite Jest was the Great American Novel of the 90s, what was it for the 2000s? Cuz I still can't get that book out of my head. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-17

I presented the proposed Penn Open Access Publishing mandate to the Wharton faculty. Hoping it will be adopted this semester. # Enjoying my new Android phone, after 2 years in Apple's glass house. Still some loose ends, but I'm a hacker at heart. # I shocked a student k- # Used to be that buying an Apple product was subversive and weird; now, among my crowd, that's buying anything else! ...

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-16

Me too! RT @unmarketing: I'm going to #SXSWi this year just so I don't have to say "no" everytime someone tweets "are you going to sxsw?" #

Twitter Updates for 2011-02-15

Hi Twitter. I'm back. Miss me? # Finished teaching for the semester, but I'm working harder. I thought professors got to lounge around when not in the classroom! # I'm a contrarian. I junked my iPhone for a Droid X the night before Verizon got the Apple device. # Change we need. TNR: "On multiple fronts the Obama administration appears to be doubling down on innovation." # Draft of ...