Twitter Updates for 2010-12-21

FCC adopts network neutrality rules. Now, on to the next stage of the fight! #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-06

NPR story on the reaction to the FCC Chairman's proposal for network neutrality: #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-01

I blogged on the FCC's unsatisfying but correct Network Neutrality decision: # More like beginning of the end! RT @gigibsohn: circulation of #FCC DRAFT order is beginning of process, not end. Get to work. # Good timing! 9 months ago, I scheduled a net neutrality class for exactly when the FCC Chair will address it live today. # Interesting new fact. Comcast is a transit customer of Level ...

The Perfect, the Good, and the FCC

It has been a busy week in U.S. communications policy, with an FCC meeting adopting important spectrum policy reforms, an FCC complaint about Comcast’s approval policies for cable modems, and a dispute between Comcast and Level 3 over fees for Internet backbone traffic.  And late last night, it got even more interesting. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski reportedly circulated a draft Open Internet order, to be considered at the FCC’s December ...