Twitter Updates for 2010-10-04

  • Indeed. RT @tevslin: "White spaces are disruptive; our economy could use some healthy disruption." #
  • BITAG Blog: Broad Consensus Achieved on BITAG’s Structure #
  • Can someone explain Minecraft to me? I'm wandering around an empty world with nothing apparent to do, and can't find instructions. #
  • Gratz to @dickc and @padmasree for your new roles announced today! #
  • Thanks for the Minecraft pointers, Tweeps. Will check them out. Would it kill the developer to put a brief explanation in the game itself? #
  • @umairh re: Web 2.0, @timoreilly is still trying to change the world; most of the web2 startups and hangers-on never did to begin with. in reply to umairh #