Twitter Updates for 2009-12-02

  • Supernova tweets already coming too fast for me to keep up with. (Feature, not bug.) #sn09 #
  • 2:37pm "Egg-on-its-facey" barrier broken at Supernova. #
  • I feel bad hurrying along all these great speakers, but I want to end on time! That' what I'd want if I were in the audience. #
  • We'll have plenty of time for conversation and networking at the end-of-the-day party! #
  • Recovering back at the hotel after day 1 of Supernova 2009. Really happy with how it went today. Thanks to all the speakers & attendees! #
  • Day 2 at Supernova, as we move to Wharton|SF. Putting people in an academic setting always produces great discussions and interactions. #