Twitter Updates for 2009-11-16

  • Cool. @jimmy_wales will join the closing session at Supernova with @craignewmark and Alec Ross from the State Department. #supernovahub. #
  • @seanbohan Thanks! I have an awesome team working on #supernovahub, and I see the conference as just one piece of an ongoing conversation. #
  • Very happy about the names on this list, and the diversity (on several dimensions). #
  • Two more fantastic Supernova Network Age briefing calls coming this week. Open to all. . #supernvahub #
  • Last year we looked at open information flow. This year at Supernova, the challenge of open data in real time. #supernovahub #
  • Gotta go teach my class about the legal issues around web 2.0. #
  • Is there a still media business? Should there be? Lisa Stone, Cory Ondrejka, Jim Griffin will debate at Supernova. #
  • We're again picking 3 bootstrapped/angel-funded startups for passes + demo space at Supernova. Tweet your application, using hashtag #sn09. #
  • @umairh @jhagel what a coincidence! We're holding next year's Supernova conference at the bar on a Virgin flight. But which one? #