Twitter Updates for 2009-08-31

Finished Infinite Jest. More Tolstoy than Nabokov, to my mind. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-23

Thinking about this WSJ op-ed on the tyranny of email in light of our Supernova briefing call on Disconnecting. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-20

Sign up for announcements of weekly Supernova calls at Join us today @ at noon ET: #

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-19

I'll be stepping in to host tomorrow's Supernova Briefing call on Apple, AT&T, and the FCC: Has Apple Gone Evil? #

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-18

Wow, I've the big time now. # My 7 year old son just asked me to Tweet about the Perler Bead construction he made me. Not sure which part makes me smile more. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-16

@benwells It's actually an undergrad class. Makes it even more fun from my perspective. in reply to benwells # Whew, going to make the connection after all. ^fb # Back home. A few hours to catch up today before the wife and kids return from the shore. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-15

Last day in Aspen. This trip has been great, but I'm looking forward to getting home. # Only 5 registered for my LGST 222 Internet law class!? Come on Penn students, it's course credit to study Google, FB, eBay, Twitter, etc.! # @cja Nope, a regular old-fashioned in-person undergrad course. With a few online surprises, perhaps…. in reply to cja # Ground stop for an hour in Denver due to ...

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-13

Supernova mixer last night with John Hagel and JSB rocked da house. Quotes on Video coming soon! #supernovahub # I hate that Denver-Aspen flight — 30 minutes of non-stop turbulence. But it's worth it! Looking forward to the telecom policy workshop. # @pkedrosky Lucky you. # This Aspen Institute workshop reinforces the point JSB and John Hagel made at the Supernova mixer: it's all about great people. # My ...

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-11

Please Tweet about the mixer. We've hit our limit on tickets but will be streaming the video. # Meant that as direct tweet, but it applies to all. Video info for the Supernova mixer presentation tomorrow will be on # Seeking a volunteer to argue that the appeal of occasionally disconnecting from all our devices and communication flows is just crazy talk. # I started a thread: Can we ...

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-10

Copying (legit) ripped music files off Johanna's dying Vaio to move them to her new Mac. Hoping we can get everything synced into iTunes. # 5am car taking me to the airport. Gonna be a long day… (but in a good way) # Boarding for SF. # Landed at SFO. The plane almost diverted to Fresno because the toilets wouldn't flush(!), but fortunately people were able to hold out. #