Twitter Updates for 2009-06-25

  • Wondering if the sound problems on the Second Life show I just did are (a) defective headset, (b) connectivity issues, (c) Mac instability. #
  • This must be my first time at an Italian sushi sports bar restaurant that plays Wizard of Oz remakes on the sound system. #
  • @kshumpei The answer to "what is it?" on the Italian sushi sports bar is: "bad". I don't plan to go back. in reply to kshumpei #
  • In case you were wondering, iPhone tethered access works. Or at least, so I've heard. (Posted from my laptop on a train, w/o a data card.) #
  • Speaking at 12:15ET today at New America Foundation "End of Spectrum Scarcity" event. Webcast at: #
  • @Computr821 Is there a better headset to use on a Mac that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars? I just need something to do basic audio. in reply to Computr821 #