Twitter Updates for 2009-06-24

  • @MEOS Thanks. Roughly speaking, the topics on But people who are thought-provoking & memorable is key. in reply to MEOS #
  • RT @supernovahub: Video Interview with BT Design's JP Rangaswami @jobsworth at SupernovaHub by @howardgr #
  • I've been using Eudora for more than a decade, and I still find nice features I didn't know about. What a great app. So sad it's dying. #
  • Argentina, Appalachia… it all sounds the same. Must have been an innocent slip up by Gov. Sanford's staffer. #
  • RT @WomenWhoTech: #Women2Follow – Recommend women speakers to conferences. Pass it on. #WiredNeedsRolodex #DiversifyRolodex #
  • I'll be trying take 2 of the Metanomics interview show in Second Life (+ streamed on the Web) today at 4pm ET. #